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Ten Unexpected Challenges Of Shooting On A $100 Million Dollar Set

15 months ago we took on a project that would forever change our businesses and ourselves. With a first time director and a film team lightly versed in narrative filmmaking we set off to do the impossible, shoot a short narrative film (easy right). We chose to use the 100 million dollar backdrop of Black […]

Baked In The Arizona Sun Partnering With Spectacle VR

Tucson, AZ – September 18th-21st our CEO, Christopher Pitcher was brought on to be the Director of Photography with Spectacle VR on a VR meditation piece for the beauty brand Philosophy. Shooting on the Dark Corner made up of 4 Sony A7Sii’s with 8-15mm fisheye lenses they shot in different national parks all over Tucson […]

Yep, We Brought It To The Dust!

Black Rock City, Nevada, August 28th-September 5th. For Burning Man’s 30th anniversary we partnered with HTC, SyberPC, and Android Jones to bring Virtual Reality to The Playa. We helped produce and direct a video of the activation as well as helped set up and run VR systems at 6 different theme camps from Big Imagination […]