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Did You Know There Are More Astronauts Than Foley Artists In The World?

It’s no question that sound plays a massive role in our ability to get lost in any great movie. But where do the sounds of Marty’s skateboard, Angry Birds’ wings, and Braveheart’s swords actually come from? The answers may not be as obvious as you first think. Check out the video above as veteran Foley […]

Black Rock City Lighthouse Taps Our Media House For Charity Photos

“This is Max Poynton, lead artist of the Black Rock Lighthouse Service. I’m glad you experienced the piece and I love this moment you captured. We’re in the middle of a fundraising effort to clear our remaining debt for the project. Would you be willing to help us by donating this image and sending a […]

Swimming In Lights: Photographing Jen Lewin’s Super Pool

Jen Lewin POOL verb = combine, amalgamate, blend, join forces, league, merge, put together, share The Super Pool is a double size version of The Pool – an environment of giant, concentric circles created from interactive circular pads. By entering The Super Pool, you enter a world where play and collaborative movement create swirling effects […]

Leona Lewis Immerses Herself In VR At Farm Sanctuary Gala

Farm Sanctuary’s 30th Anniversary Gala brought out the compassion in Angelenos, celebrities and animal advocates from across the region and country-wide to celebrate 30 years of rescue, education and advocacy for farm animals, the largest population of abused animals on Earth.  The Sights and Sounds Media House team oversaw and managed the HTC Vive VR activation […]

How Do You Know? – The Eternal Connection of Tad + Bianca

This is the culmination of a journey 10 years in the making. This is a love Story. This is the Eternal Connection of our dear friends Tad Snyder and Bianca Berger. Please Like and Follow the Solar Beatz Project on Facebook at: facebook.com/SolarBeatz Shot and produced by Seth Bunting & Chris Pitcher of The Sights […]

REEL LIFE – Demo Reel For The Sights And Sounds Media House

The Sights and Sounds Media House is committed to creating your story in a visually powerful way that leverages you, your story and your brand.

Envisioning Collaboration: Are You The Artist Or The Canvas?

Discover the incredible platform that Costa Rica’s Envision Festival creates for its artists and attendees to work together, collaborate, and share their talents with its global audiences. A living breathing example of a community whole that is exponentially bigger than the sum of its parts. Featuring exclusive interviews with Elana Meta, David Block (The Human […]

“We Are Chicago” – 900 N. Michigan Launch Campaign

The launch video that we shot for 900 N Michigan Building’s “I AM CHICAGO” Campaign

Meta Method Brand Story

Dancer: Elana Jaroff of The META Method, mymetamethod.com Directed By: Seth Bunting Produced By: The Sights and Sounds Media House Cinematography: Seth Bunting | Christopher Pitcher | Wilder Bunke | Jefe Greenheart | Frank Angelcyk Editing: Seth Bunting | Bryan Bigler Music: Earth: An-Ten-Nae- “I Can’t Wait” ft. Haana (Victorien Mix) Air: Deuter, “Drier” Fire: […]