We are an independent, vertically stacked, creative production agency that focuses on content that’s raw, emotional, and immersive. Crafting stories for digital and emerging media, we specialize in capturing the emotion of a moment and succinctly portraying it. We concept, produce and finish projects partnering with agencies, creatives, and clients alike, always with the unifying purpose of authentic unconventional stories.

We love making awesome designs, photos, and stories for you to connect with your target audience at their core level with engaging content that they are intrigued by. Our purpose for great content marketing is to show the viewers the human side of your brand, thus moving them and the needle.

We have multiple passions and Media House is where they have come to live. Our backgrounds / passions include art direction, marketing strategy, design thinking, graphic design, economics, communication, videography, and studio art.

With our diverse backgrounds we have found that they complement each other to provide a great experience creating your media, as well as a cohesive and beautiful finished product.

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